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July 18, 2017

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Mother's Day Shout Out 2017!

May 14, 2017

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted to our 2017 Mother's Day Shout Out on The sisSTAR Loop!  Read and Share the heartwarming entries below with your family, and let's wish all the amazing mothers and maternal figures around the world a blessed and Happy Mother's Day!  Cheers to all sisSTAR Moms and everything you do for your families!

1. Hipatia & Hipatia, NJ


"My mom has made me the strong woman that I am today! As a child, my mom was very strict about many things, especially school. Of course, I did not understand it then but now as a mother myself, I totally get it! We want our children to surpass us in every way possible. She taught me to reach for the moon and stars no matter what anybody else thought. My mom is a superwoman!"

From Hipatia Lopez to her Mom Hipatia Apunte








2. Fatima & Masidi, NY

"Between raising 3 kids in 4 different countries, starting a multitude of businesses and giving back to the community through non-profit organizations and community outreach initiatives, my mom has definitely inspired us all to do more. Through it all, ups and downs, struggles and successes, she remains humble and laughs from her soul. Our mom is definitely the best, she often says, 'Together we can do more for our people; it is our obligation to do more!'"

From Fatima Dione to her Mom Sire Dione Conde (Masidi)






3. Chimere & Juanita, NY

"My mom is the best because she's more than an actual mom. She's better than a best friend or sibling. We talk numerous times of the day and it's always been that way. She's the most caring and sincere person I know. I'm just happy to experience being her daughter."

From Chimere Ward to her Mom Juanita Jay








4. Chloe & Jinny, MA

"My mom is the best because she cooks yummy food and she is so pretty. She has a baby now and I'm excited about being a big sister to help my mommy. My mom is special!"

From Chloe to her Mom Jinny










5. Anu & Her Mother, NY

"When I had the Grand Opening of Khamit Kinks Tribeca and our client, Stevie Wonder, showed up. My mom was so thrilled to meet him. This picture is on her living room table still, after all these years (since 1997).  One of her happiest moments."

From Anu Prestonia to her Mom









6. Sonia & Her Mother, NJ

"Without Moms where would we be? God chose that vessel to carry your soul into this world, to raise you, and care for you. I know that there are circumstances that do not fair well for the child, or parent, but it’s still a blessing to see your child grace this world, they are blessings given to us by God. I am very appreciative of all that my Mami did for us. My mom raised 5 children (4 girls /1 boy); it definitely was difficult for her. She was a single mom, didn’t have much of an education, worked very hard in a coat factory that didn’t treat her well, and on top of that didn’t pay much. She had to pay rent, clothe us, and feed us all. How she did it, I don’t know. But she did. She stretched that penny, like Jesus multiplied that wine & bread. I’m telling you.


We as moms do what it takes to make sure that our children lack for nothing. Or at least we try. But it was very difficult growing up in the 60’s & 70’s we lacked so much. Yet SHE was the one consistent thing that we had. I grew up in a Puerto Rican household – My mom DID NOT play. Strict would not even begin to describe our upbringing. Yet my mom never abandoned us through the most difficult of times. She just tried to work with what she had, and taught us to be warriors. Mom taught us to adjust to our circumstance, and triumph until the end. MOTHER’S DAY is every day. We should love, appreciate, respect and honor our Mothers not only on the day that “society” has chosen for them. I love my Mom, through the good, the bad & the ugly. She is my “vieja” and I am her daughter, and there is no price that can take that away. I love you Mami, con toda mi alma y corazón.  Thank you for all the sacrifices made for my siblings, and I, and for always encouraging us to do better. Love you."

From Sonia Román (Aminah Love) to her Mom





7. Kim & Her Mother, NJ

"In her youth, she had a sort of wanderlust: a desire to see, learn and taste all that life had to offer.  At 19, she left college to get married.   I know part of her always wondered about what would have happened had she stayed.  While she loved her life, she never gave up on her desire to travel, to gain perspective, to take risks and to speak her mind.  She learned to play the guitar in her twenties.  We would dance in the kitchen after dinner. She never stopped learning and reading.  At 65 she went back to college and graduated on her 70th birthday.


Her house was always filled with people.  Her siblings, cousins, friends and family could often be found sitting around her kitchen table any night of the week.  Growing up there was always random cousins living with us - some for weeks, months and even years.  They never came because they were obligated, they came because her house offered a sense of humor, generosity and warmth that was not easily duplicated.  She loves as deeply as she lives.


She had three high-energy children, but she never treated us like babies.  She assumed we were capable and we became that way.  In a way, we grew up with her. She kept busy and kept us busy as well.


When I was 15 she went on vacation with my father for a week and I was heartbroken.  When she came back it felt like I could finally breath again.  When I was 18 I went away to college but moved back at the end of the semester without her permission.  This was probably the first time that things were “not right” between us for more than a day.  I think it was also the last.  At 23, she told me it was time to grow up and leave the house, but she welcomed me back home with open arms at 30.  At 33 we stared in wonder at my first born together, and she laughed while I read about how to wash a baby while I had said baby in my arms.  At 46 she held me through my divorce and has continued to celebrate each small victory since then.


She is the silent center of my world, the axis through which I move forward in life.  She was my first student and supporter, coming to every event and believing in me even when I did not.  She is the trampoline that helps me fly higher and gives when I need to fall. When friends say they do not get along with their mothers, I never know how to respond. I love to be with her, I enjoy her.  I am so grateful that she taught me to be strong, to appreciate fun and to bask in the wonder of the world. My mother is truly the best. Love you Mom!"

From Kim Mazzella to her Mom





8. Chimere Ward, NY

"My kids think I'm the best mom in the world! Maybe because they're supposed to think that way. I just believe it's due to being honest with them about how important my role actually is. Being a mom & running a food business can be fun, yet has plenty of responsibility. I show them both sides and they show me their desires to try new things, while reaching for business goals as well."

Chimere Ward on being a chef and mom










9. MelimeL & Her Mother & Grandmother, NY

"Last year this photo was taken on Mothers Day, my first Mothers Day and a blessing to have spent it with my mother and grandmother, two women who raised and shaped me to the woman I am today.  Generations raising the next, the cycle of life. Unfortunately my grandmother passed away later that year at the age of 99 but through my son I see her everyday.  I am blessed to have had her as my grandma and miss her with the depths of my heart and soul. Feliz Dia de las Madres a mi mami y mi mama!  Las quiero mucho!

From MelimeL to her Mom & Grandma







Happy Mother's Day to all these sisSTAR Moms and Daughters, and all the amazing mothers around the world!  Cheers to all you do!  We love and praise you everyday!



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