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July 18, 2017

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How To Understand the Process of Manifesting

Wouldn’t it be great if we could order the weather in the morning?  We could decide what kind of weather we want, press a button and, viola, we get blue skies all day long!  Sadly, we cannot pick the weather.  We cannot pick much of anything that happens in the world.  We cannot control the tsunamis of life any more than we can control actual tsunamis.  Even as parents, we may think we have some control over our children, but that eventually changes as well.  The only thing we really can control is what we think about, what we feel, and what we do.  That’s it.  The more control we have over those three things, the more control we do have over our experience in life.  The simple truth is this: if you gain mastery over what you think, feel, and do, you will gain mastery over your perception of every experience. The tsunamis will still come, but your experience with them will be vastly different.


“Manifesting” has been a hot topic for many years now, and it is based on an understanding that we are beings of energy more than we are physical beings.  Manifesting is based on the “law of attraction,” the idea that like things are drawn together.  You control your energy output, or your “energy broadcast,” in order to control your experience.  How do you do that?  First you need to understand how your energy broadcast is created, and then you need to put a new way of operating into practice in order to control your output.  It sounds easy in theory, but it is not quite so easy in practice.


So what exactly is our “energy broadcast?”  It is our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, combined with our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual “bodies.”  It is not a static broadcast; it is constantly in flux, with the active and attractive part of our broadcast being how we feel right now.   How you feel right now is based on what you believe and what you think.  Our thoughts are the starting point of our energy broadcast, so if we change the what we think about, we change how we feel.  Feelings are like magnets: the stronger the feeling, the more powerful the attraction.  The only way to change how you feel is to change what you think about.


Manifesting is a challenging process because it puts us up against the entire world, full of fear.  In order to truly manifest, you need to move from the point of view that the world is real to the belief that the only real things in your experience are your thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Many of my clients call this idea insane when I first present it.  They say, “But there is a world out there, and that world isn’t always a kind or safe place.  There are evil things and evil people out there. You’re telling me that my thoughts will change the world?  That’s ridiculous.”  I know that changing your thinking will not change the world, but changing your thinking will change your world.  It will change your perception.  Two people may have the same experience, but one can come away from it empowered while the other comes away from it fearful.  Which one do you want to be?


Changing your thinking is not as simple as saying, “I am only going to have happy thoughts,” for various reasons.  First, you cannot control every thought you have.  Second, only thoughts with feelings behind them have any attractive power, so you will not believe a happy thought if it feels fake.  Finally, you cannot think about every single thought you have.  You would not have time to leave the house; you would be stuck in your head all day.  You only need to change your thinking when you are not feeling content.  If you feel anything less than content, you attract unwanted negative thoughts.  It is not easy to pay attention to every thought, but it is easy to notice when you are not feeling content. 


As a life coach and an energy worker, most of my time is spent looking at others’ thoughts and beliefs and finding them more empowering thoughts to focus on.  There are many different processes that can help you find a better feeling.  The easiest one is to acknowledge your discontent and that it means that you must be thinking a negative thought.  Instead of focusing on that thought, focus on what you really want instead.  Then, consider what you want and list the reasons why you deserve it or why you are going to get it.  Thinking about why you are going to get what you want forces you to play an active role in your thoughts.  Often, I spend time with clients empowering them to find good reasons “why.”  Sometimes our experiences in the world will train us to believe that we do not deserve what we want.  My job is to help you find the reasons why you do.  Those reasons are there, but sometimes your own thinking can stand in the way of what you want.


Once your thoughts are focused on what you want and why you are going to get it, you get excited about it and are in “energetic alignment” to manifest it.  While this process is not easy, taking the time to do it can make a huge difference in your life experience.  While you might not be able to pick the weather, when you learn how to manifest, it will not matter.  You will feel happy about dancing in the rain.  






The HOW TO with Kim Mazzella is a weekly column featuring Kim's expert life coaching tips for the modern woman navigating entrepreneurship, motherhood, work-life balance, and more!




Kim Mazzella, founder of the Life Guidance Center, is a Healer, Teacher, Spiritual Coach and Writer. Her work is based in the belief that our natural state is health and wholeness. Her job is to help those she works with remove the blocks that they have placed in the way of the free flow of energy and healing.  She integrates the knowledge from her study of A Course in Miracles and universal laws with her study of massage and understanding of the body’s energy system to create a holistic approach to healing and change.


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