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July 18, 2017

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4 Women Run For All Women From Harlem to DC

January 16, 2017

New York, NY Local community activist Alison Désir, Founder of Harlem Run, will go out for a run on Wednesday, January 18 alongside, Kim Rodriguez, Marquita Francique, and Talisa Wednesday, until reaching the Capitol on January 21, just in time for the Women’s March on Washington 2017.


Désir, Rodriguez, Francique, and Wednesday, and a group of over 100 women will cover the 240+ miles between Harlem and DC as a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood.  Désir, a former NY1 “New Yorker of the Week,” says she felt compelled to action just after the election, saying “It’s no secret that this incoming Administration and Congress have a target on a woman's right to choose and women’s health issues. I do not want to look back and wonder:  what could I have done to protect these rights?”


Initially, the fundraiser began to support the four women in the run, intending to rotate positions and sleep in the van between relay legs. But when they set up their GoFundMe page to benefit Planned Parenthood they received such an overwhelming outpouring of support that they knew that they had to open up the run to the masses.


The run will start in their home of Harlem and run across the George Washington Bridge followed by a pack of cheering supporters. Then they'll leave the crowd and continue through the night in relay fashion, flanked by their support van. They'll take turns running down highways and through neighborhoods. They'll sidestep lost hubcaps and fast food wrappers as they brace themselves against the gusts of dirty air from passing 18-wheelers. They'll watch the sun rise over the Delaware River.


To follow/support these amazing women in their run from Harlem to DC, see below:

  • The route will take the team through Harlem, Newark, Trenton, Philadelphia and Baltimore:

  • The fundraiser is trending on and has raised $51,000+ in 9 days

  • The event has been shared over 4.5k times on various media outlets

  • Women and men are invited to join in and/or cheer along the way.  Désir will be tweeting via @run4allwomen with updates as well as posting via IG stories @powderedfeet



Founded in November 2013, Harlem Run is a transformative movement of trendsetters, fitness experts, and community organizers that create an authentic experience around a healthy lifestyle. The mission is to empower urban communities to get fit. For more information of Harlem Run, please visit To see Harlem Run in action, visit


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