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July 18, 2017

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Info-Session Recap: Love For The Self Published

December 6, 2016

The sisSTAR Loop Series continued last week in the Bronx  with an info-session on authors and writers! The event took place at new grub spot Novelty Nachos to provide guests with a new eating experience while learning from the night's panel of published authors, including:


  • Audrey Dimola, Poet, Writer, Published Works --> Decisions We Make While We Dream (2012), Traversals (2014)

  • Marjoriet Matute, Writer, Published Works --> Devin's Helmet Adventure (2014) for DTGB Books

  • Stephanie Fleary, (of Empowered Stilettos) Writer, Published Works --> Dear Black Man: Letters From Your Strong Black Woman (2013), Chocolatey Brown (2015)


The host and sisSTAR Loop Founder, MelimeL, also celebrated the 10 year anniversary of her poetry book, Beneath the Deep Surface (2006), as well as, the one year anniversary of The sisSTAR Loop launch.


The evening's takeaways were important to anyone needing the motivation to get written works out into the world, especially when it comes to self-publishing.  The engaging conversation included discussions on self publishing versus traditional publishers, marketing tips, overcoming writer's block, and what's next on the writing plate for the authors.


Bringing together an amazing panel of authors with a range of experience in publishing and book releases, made for a lively evening and conversation around empowerment and the pursue of passion projects with the primary validation coming from one's own gut.  These ladies and their works definitely demonstrate that self-published works are equally important and necessary to the overall literary sphere.



SIDE BAR: The event taking place in the Bronx was timely as there is currently a campaign for The Lit. Bar (an independently owned bookstore and wine bar led by sisSTAR Noëlle Santos) to become a reality!  The love of literacy is very much alive in the Bronx, even though the only bookstore in the entire borough (a Barnes & Noble) will be permanently closing soon.  READ OUR STORY ON THE LIT. BAR




To support and purchase books from our awesome writers, visit the following links! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  And join us at upcoming info-sessions in 2017!


AUDREY DIMOLA --> Decisions We Make While We Dream (2012), Traversals (2014)


MARJORIET MATUTE --> Devin’s Helmet Adventure (2014)


STEPHANIE FLEARY --> Dear Black Man: Letters From Your Strong Black Woman (2013), Chocolatey Brown (2015)


MELIMEL --> Beneath the Deep Surface (2006)




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